About Us

KMTV was founded by Samuel Antwi, Editor on January 3, 2017 at Kumasi-Oforikrom, Ghana on the basis of promoting the Kingdom of God. The idea was to reach the world on some mysteries about Christianity.


It was specifically designed as online TV. Today major news events from anywhere in the world is often broadcast globally on internet allowing people to follow occurrences in other countries, Places and withness them. KMTV is a medium used to dissminate information, News and Entertainment, Live worship, Motivational message, Preaching of the Gospel of Christ, Teaching of the Bible, Interviews, Gospel music video. The cost of establishing TV Station is really capital intensive, So Samuel Antwi decided to use this medium online TV, To reach his viewers and listeners. Initially,the final programming was the proclamation of Gospel, but later decided to expand our area to other programmers that was analytically examined and approved by technical three members.

KMTV has served a lot of people both local and international, the commitment and dedication of KMTV is totally and practically unimaginable.


It is our vision to establish a local Television station to help International producers to air their programmes thus exposing them to a wider audience, In turn expanding their channel.

To broadcast quality digital production that will draw people to this Channel

In the next five Years, the Function of various department of KMTV will definitely create jobs for the youth.


KMTV is to provide programes and services that inform, Educate, Enlighten and enrich the viewers and help Inform civil discourse essential to viewers.

It particular responsibility to encourage the development of our content that involves massive creativity. It is our prime purpose to strengthen our viewers faith in Christianity.

KMTV work with online media organization that is “L4CTV and RADIO (USA)” to increase and measure the impact of the services they provide as well as the awareness of the vital role that media plays in helping address important issues.

The time flame for our production is very essential and definite, Production starts at 7am till 9pm.